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5 Tips to grow your small business with social media

How digital marketing can be the tool for transforming your business!!
It is said that in the world of business and commerce, it is to be understood that every pixel matters. Doesn’t that make sense? Well, beginning from social media, to search engine optimization, the journey from pixels to profits can be a pretty thrilling one. 5 Tips to grow your small business with social media
In the current scenario of digital adoption of tools and angles of all kinds, the virtual canvas of UGC or user-generated content has become the brick-and-mortar storefront. Small businesses can easily transform their identity, and build new frontiers for new and better opportunities, better impressions, and boosted sales.

It can be confusing, even jittering at times to find the right place to start this all and give it the right offset you wish for. That’s where we, Maverick Services come in as your saviors. Our team of highly talented, industry-seasoned professionals will help you not only understand your business better but also figure out the right set of tools needed for you to take your brand to the heights you wish for.

Coming back to how pixels can make magic, did you know that more than 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account? This should be more than enough of an indicator that social media when used the right way, can help generate leads and broaden out your horizons for new prospects.
Every image, video or graphic holds the potential to captivate audiences and covert clicks to profit. There is no doubt that visual content is king, and slowly but surely, small businesses are harnessing the power of pixels to tell their unique stories. Here’s where we come in, to fulfil your wish to be on the same frontier and crack the realm of digital marketing, using social media for the best conversions.

After discussion with peers and our team members,, the following are some of the FAQs we get, let’s have a look at them, and who knows, maybe your concerns get addressed as well??

Q1. What should I explore to get started with Digital Marketing?

It is best to start with social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are not just mere social playgrounds, they’re lively marketplaces with unimaginable potential for impressions and more. Learn how you can leverage it, and find the right channel for your brand.

Q2. I feel stuck with the current progress my campaigns are making. What should I do?

We all get stuck at some point of time in terms of business, and the returns we get using one method to generate leads and conversions. It is highly important to know that you need to learn the power of knowing when to pivot. Do not be afraid to switch perspectives, and brainstorm new ways to generate leads.

Q3. How can I organize my business and get it online? There’s so much content available for the same online, but I cannot possibly find the right path.

We understand your concern, and hence, at Maverick Services, our team of professionals will not only help you understand the tools you can take up for your needs but also get the right start on your digital transformation journey. We’ll take the pain of yours trying to figure this all out, freeing up time for you to focus on your business entirely.

5 Top steps to get the right start for your small business!!

Owning a small business? Or plan to start your small business? Before you do so, let us tell you that this will, by no means be an easy task, with the aspiration of wanting to build or launch your small business, comes the necessity to follow certain steps and make sure that it is on the right track. 

All of this involves a lot of hassles, consistency, hard work, and dedication towards your brand. That’s where our team over at Maverick Services has the right set of tools to assist with the process of building it up to a level that you aspire to achieve. With that said, let us take a look at some of the tips for making sure that you have the right direction to new heights!!

1-Have the right plan:

The first step in any aspect related to a business is having the right plan for assessing resources, manpower, and other things such as budget, a time frame or deadline for your campaigns, stages etc. The battle is half won if you have the right plan of action for your business growth and take it to the next level.

While all of this may sound pretty achievable, most of the time, having a lot of aspects within your business, or to put it simply, having a lot of running parts, can make it slightly tougher to make the right plan. That’s where the next step comes in!

2- Having a good team:

We cannot stress this enough, but having a good team is crucial to building up your business. Having a good team can help you strategize better, have a better sense of direction, and make sure to pay more attention to all of the aspects of your business. 

The thing with having a good team is, it may not always be possible to be hiring people for your specific business needs. What if we told you that you can have a dedicated team working with you at all times, freeing up time and resources for you to divert to other important aspects of your business? 

We at Maverick Services have a team right at your beck and call, for all your digitization and marketing needs. Our team of professionals are well-trained, industry seasoned and ready to help you grow in the right direction!

By now, you have a good plan and a good team, what could be missing? Keep reading, and let us enlighten you on the same.

3-Knowing your audience:

This is another aspect to look out for, as your campaigns and all of your marketing efforts should be reaching your target audience, making it an effective way of getting more sales.  5 Tips to grow your small business with social media

Let us help you understand this in a better way, for example, if you know that your target audience is between the ages of 18 and 24, your campaigns can be targeted and designed to reach the right age group, boosting your sales and clicks in the right space!

Now, we know how to boost sales by targeting the audience your brand will benefit the most from. Let us explore how you will target this identified audience.

4-Picking the right platform:

Each platform has its pros and cons, and identifying what will benefit you the most, after you figure out your target audience will be the right step to have a perfected campaign. Some platforms may be better for networking with sellers, while others can be effectively used to reach your audience. Beyond that, it is also important for you to be comfortable with a platform and using it should also be factored in, but there are so many choices available, so how do you choose the right platform for your business? Maverick Services will help you figure it out, with detailed analytics and estimates close to the projected targets you aspire to reach, our team will be on every step of the way to help you with it all and more.

5-Look out for trends:

Being on social media is not enough, it is also important to explore it, be it half an hour a day, or as your time allows, to find out what trends are on top, what topics are the ones that trend and have a good level of engagement with audiences, most of the platforms display the different stats related to likes, shares and comments within or on their posts itself!

This will help you find the right thing to pick and target, and follow through to get the best engagement for your posts, be it video-based, or other formats. 

With that said, these were the top five steps to get started with your small business. This may or may not be the right start from your perspective, but we assure you, getting a good start is easily a battle half-won. Want to know more about growing your business and helping it reach its fullest potential? Visit us at Maverick Services, and our team will help you navigate through this fast-paced business world to build and grow your brand. Thanks for Reading.

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