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How the small things can make the biggest difference.
You may or may not be aware of this, but the globally-recognized Nike logo, the trademark “tick” or “swoosh” was made by a designer for a minimal fee of 2 dollars!! Looking back at the same, now, the multi-billion dollar brand started from a mere 2-dollar investment.

When you think of it, simply speaking, a logo is a mere visual face of a brand, it can be anything, a unique shape, icon, face, or even mere colour blocks in some cases.
Iconic logos stay well in the back of your mind. Still, the thing is, it is over-explained and overdone to the point that they lose the face value they have as a very subtle yet impactful way of creating a unique brand identity and making it relevant.
Continuing the talk about logos, what do red, green, blue and yellow bring to your mind? Don’t be mistaken, we’re not talking of random colors at all, but rather, iconic color combos that exist with two frontrunners of the tech industry, you guessed it right, Google and Microsoft, once your eyes truly set on either of the brand logos, the subtle difference in tone and shades will surely stir up some thoughts on the small differentials.

But at the same time, change is important in terms of branding, another aspect of logo design. With changing times and identity shifts in your brand or business can spark the need for a revamp of sorts, yes?
With that said, let’s pick Twitter, or yet, better known as ‘X’ now, which used to have such an iconic logo with ‘Tweety’ the bird as its unique identity, and differentiator as the top microblogging site globally. But with the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, its identity changed entirely, with a brand new logo and design as well. The functionality of the platform remains the same, the user base remains the same, but the identity? Not so much, what do you think? Was the logo shift by Twitter a good decision? Logo Design Service in Delhi
Be it the golden arches we’re all familiar with, the ones that symbolize fast food and instant service, right to the last minute detail. Such symbols become pop culture influences that leave an everlasting mark on both people and the culture that follows it eventually. That is why, we at Maverick Services, offer you industry-seasoned logo designers, and a slew of services and tools at your disposal, ready to help you transform your business to new heights, give it your desired identity and help it get the right start in this cutthroat market. What are you waiting for? Get started right away!
Logos can be so much more than a simple image, a mere graphic element, it can be a storyteller, cultural influencer, and the most subtle ambassador of a brand. With the right approach, a unique identity lasting for a lifetime and more can be built.

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