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Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small file which is sent from our website and stored in your computer while you visit our website through a web browser. Due to which we can get the information on ‘how you have used our website’. We use this statistics to study and enhance the user’s experience.

Types of Cookies

  • Session Cookie

Session Cookie exists in temporary memory only for the current session when the user navigates the website. These are usually deleted by the browser itself at the time of termination of session.

  • Persistent Cookies

Persistent Cookies are stored in your computer for a particular time period assigned to them. It means that during its life span whenever when user visits the website, it will send the information about the activity to the server to which website belongs.

  • Use of Cookie
  1. Personalization: To recognize the user and save the preferences set by the users for next visit.
  2. Session management: To identify and keep the track of the activity of user.
  3. Tracking: To track browsing habits we record the number of your visits, time spent on our websites, pages visited etc.

Accept or Refuse cookies.

You can always refuse to accept the cookies from https://maverickservices.in/ by changing your browser settings.

Third Party content

We may share many information from third party like articles, reports, statistics etc. By visiting our website, you agree to the fact that these third-party content and information are made visible only for the sake of general information and not created by us. Thus, we are unbiased and don’t make recommendations.

For any of the queries related to our privacy policy, you may contact us either through email toinfo@maverickservices.in or through Enquiry Form in Contact Us Page.

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We are a full service creative digital marketing agency based in New Delhi. We combine our years of experience in creating integrated marketing solutions with creative output to generate a rich digital experience for businesses. 


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