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Identifying and targeting the right audience for your products or services is essential. Google Ad Agency provides robust targeting options based on demographics, interests, and online behaviors.

Google Ads agency


Our PPC optimization process
Google Ads agency

Best Keywords

We start by identifying best keywords for your campaigns.

Google Ads agency

Optimize Targeting

Based on results, optimize demographics and keywords.

Google Ads agency


Start Dynamic Remarketing Ads for people who have visited your site.

Google Ads agency

Ready to give boost to your business

Our Team of Google AdWords Certified Professionals is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of PPC Management. Whatever your PPC needs might be, our team can handle that. Our clients love the way we manage their campaigns.

What our experts do?

We spend 10 hours a week per account, ensuring continuous optimization for maximum ROI and Add positioning in the Top 3. In addition, we don’t take ads for the same product from different vendors; we want my esteemed customer to remain at the highest position through my hard work and expert knowledge. Because of this, we’re known as one of the Best Google Ads Company in Kanpur, India.

Presently, you may find many AdWords experts in Kanpur, but delivering the desired result matters! Look at the Google search engine, where the best PPC agency in Kanpur stands and what they do. Don’t worry! Now you are in touch with the best AdWords expert Company in Kanpur, India. Talk to our Expert today and be on the toppers list.If you are new to Online advertising or Google AdWords and want to know PPC Services or How to choose a PPC Expert and want to know more about online advertising, read our blogs.

Why Do You Need a Google Ads Consultant?

Do you want to channelize your work into profit making ventures? Well, it can be tricky and time consuming. Ergo, hiring a Google Adwords Professional will be wise. We offer professional consultancy for your Adwords to provide economic feasibility, stability and proper structuring to your site and business. We also undertake auditing of current and previous Adwords accounts, i.e. location targeting and remarketing, Our expertise in landing page analysis makes us a preferred Google Ads Consultant!

Google Ads agency
Google Ads agency
Google Ads agency

Frequently asked questions

As the premier PPC Management Agency of Delhi Ghitorni, we are able to handle all types of PPC campaigns that are out there. We are able to handle PPC campaigns of all the search engines as well as social networks. Not only that, we are also able to carefully choose between different type of PPC campaigns based on needs of your company. Depending on the product and services that you are selling, we choose best PPC networks for you, as well as choose best campaign types on those PPC networks. For example, if you are trying to get installs of your app, we will specifically go for App Install campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Similarly, depending on your business objective, we are able to launch relevant campaigns that will get you best ROI.

Google Search Ads are one of the most popular PPC ads out there. With a team of Google AdWords certified Professionals, we are able to professionally manage your Google Search Ads campaigns. We leverage Google Search Ads when you are trying to specifically sell a product or service on your website. In those cases, we are able to do keyword research to identify the right keywords that we need to bid for. And we do it in a way to find keywords that get your most relevant traffic at the lowest bid price. Once we have launched the Google Search Ad campaigns, we then closely analyse them to find the Search terms that users are entering to reach our ads. This gives us valuable insights regarding other keywords that we can add to the campaigns. Sometimes we are able to launch completely new campaigns based on those new sets of keywords. While launching campaigns, we ensure that our Ad copy matches what users are searching for, and then our landing page matches what user wants. So, user’s search query, our Ad copy, and message on the landing page, all of them have to fall in line, so as to be able to effectively convert a user into a customer.

Google Display Ads are another popular set of ads out there. A lot of people tend to ignore Google Display Ads, but they don’t realize the most of the times Google Display Ads can turn out to be much cheaper than Google Search Ads. The most important use of Google Display Ads is in branding. If you have a new brand or website for which you are trying to build awareness, then Google Display Ads are one of the best way to do that. As one of the prominent PPC brand management agency of Delhi, we know how to effectively utilize Google Display campaigns to give your brand the much needed publicity. And we are able to do it at a price that you would be surprised with. We are able to dynamically control whether we want to run CPC ads in such cases or CPM ads. We make this decision based on type of ads we are running, as well as objective of our campaign. Apart from Branding, a big use of Google Display Ads is in impulse buys. If you are selling a product or service that are mostly impulse buys, then Google Display Ads are one of the most effective medium for that. And Finally, Google Display Ads are very effective for products and services that are visually appealing. For example, if you are trying to sell Jewellery, then we are able to create awesome looking Google Display Ads that are sure to attract users. Our team of Adwords certified professionals works closely with our Design team to create Google Display Ads that are able to outshine your competitors.

Google Shopping Ads are very effective campaigns to generate direct sales. If you are selling a product for which users are typing direct search queries in Google, then Google Shopping Ads are very effective in that. The best part of Google Shopping Ads are that they are pretty easy to launch, if you know how to do that. But there are many nuances and hidden tricks of Google Shopping Ads that are able to make Shopping Ads of one competitor outshine those of the others. As one of the best Performance Marketing agency of Delhi, we know all those tips and tricks. We know that special offers can be added to Google Shopping Ads to get them more clicks. We also know how to include special information in Title of Google Shopping Ads, even though Google does not gives any provision for that. We are able to cleverly get around the restrictions that Google imposes on Google Shopping Ads, so as to ensure that our Shopping Ads are able to stand apart from those of your competitors and are able to generate most clicks.

If you have an app for which you are trying to generate installs, then Google App Install Ads are your best bet. Google App Install Ads are specifically meant to generate installs for your app. The best part of Google App Install Ads are that you are charged for per install of your app, which means you can closely manage your budget regarding how much you want to spend for each install of your app, and how many installs you want to generate. Google App Install Ads show up in Google Search Results, Google Display Network, as well as in Play Store. As the preferred PPC Management Agency of Delhi NCR, we know how to get the most installs for your app, at lowest possible prices. We are able to create highly targeted app install ads that get good Click Through Rate. Further, we work with you to optimize your App store description, so that once users land on your app’s page, there is a high likelihood that they install your app.

Google Remarketing Ads are meant to show ads to users who have already visited your website. But such remarketing ads are normally generic in nature. As one of the most knowledgeable PPC management agency of Delhi, what we specialize in are Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads. Such Remarketing Ads dynamically tailor ad content to users based on what they have visited on your website. For example, if a user comes to your website, and then visits a specific product page, then Dynamic Remarketing Ads are able to show ads related to that product to that user, which results in better conversion, improved click through, and lower cost. We know exactly how to implement Dynamic Remarketing Code on your website, so as to gather data about your users in the best possible manner. We are able to work closely with your technical team and guide them exactly what type of Dynamic Remarketing Code needs to go on different pages of your website. If need be, we can also add Dynamic Remarketing code ourselves using Google Tag Manager. We are able to use the best tools and techniques to generate best remarketing results for you.

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We are a full service creative digital marketing agency based in New Delhi. We combine our years of experience in creating integrated marketing solutions with creative output to generate a rich digital experience for businesses. 


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