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How we do App Store Optimization for Your App to Make Your App Rank at Top in Play Store

Keyword Research

Before any App store optimization is done, a thorough keyword research has to be done. With our proven keyword research techniques, we ensure that we find all the right keywords that users are using to find apps like yours. We not only find direct keywords, but we also find long tail keywords that relate to your app. Based on this keyword research, we devise the complete App Store Optimization strategy. As one of the best ASO experts in Delhi, we figure out what is the best way to make your app rank for the keywords that we have identified. The entire plan is then put into action to ensure that your app ranks at the top whenever users search for any of those keywords. This ranking is achieved both for searches performed in App Store, as well as directly in Search Engines.

App Name

Once we have found right keywords to use for your app, the first step is to optimize App Name for those keywords. Most of the developers just put the name of their business in the App name, but that is not the correct ASO strategy. Instead, the app name should have your main keyword for which you are trying to rank the app. Not only that, the keyword should come in the beginning of the App name to get most SEO impact. In fact, your app’s business name will only be added to the app name if the space permits. Most important aspect of App Name is to have the right keywords in it, as this is one of the most important aspect of App Store ranking. Research has proved time and again that the apps that have keywords in their names rank much higher than those app who don’t. In fact, even if you check very popular apps like Skype, WhatsApp, etc., you will notice that their app names also contain keywords about what those apps do. Based on this knowledge, we completely optimize your App’s Name. This is really the most important part of App Store optimization which most of the other ASO agencies miss.

App Description

After we have optimized your App Name, next and the most time consuming process is optimizing App Description to make it SEO friendly. The App Description should not only describe what your app does, but it should do that in a way so that all the right keywords are properly used in that. The App Description has to be written keeping the keywords in mind. There should not be any keyword stuffing, but instead, keywords should be naturally sprinkled throughout the App Store Description to get the most SEO benefits. A well written app store description can ensure that your app keeps getting traffic from Search engines for a very long time. This traffic will come not only directly from Play Store searches, but will also come from Search engines when users type those keywords in Google / Bing etc. Now, it is not just important to have a keyword rich App store description, it is also very important to ensure that App description has been formatted properly. For example, first 3 lines of App Description are most important as they show up as App Summary when a user opens your App’s Play Store page. So, it is very important that those first 3 lines are most impressive. In addition to that, the rest of the App description also has to be formatted properly. Most of the people don’t know that there are ways to add formatting to App Store Descriptions. You can add bullet list, Bold, Underline, etc. So, these formatting options should be properly used to highlight app keywords, as well as lay out all the features. Being one of the most knowledgeable ASO Company of Delhi, we know all the tips and techniques to get best possible App Store Description for your app. And we also know what are the different rules and conventions to be followed on different app stores, like, Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon AppStore, Opera Mobile App Store, Get Jar, and all other third party app stores out there.

App Screenshots

Great app screenshots ensure that when a user lands on your App’s Store page, they get attracted towards the app, and then go ahead and download it. A good app screenshot is one that clearly shows the interface of the app, its main features, as well as how it is better from competitors. Not only that, screenshots should always contain text that highlights various features of the app. Being one of the best ASO agency, we know how to create great screenshots for your app that can attract users to download your app. We know the best app screenshots should include template of some phone, so that users can visually see how app will look on the phone. Not only that, we also understand that the screenshots do not have to be true screenshots of the app; instead, they can be modified to highlight various features of your app. And finally, we know what type of text to add to App screenshots to ensure that users can read it easily, even on their mobile phones, and it helps users in deciding to download the app. Our team of designers works closely with our team of ASO experts to create best possible screenshots for your app. This results in screenshots that improve the app store page visits to downloads ratio.

Backlinks to App Page

Apart from optimizing everything related to an app on the App store page itself, some of the ASO also needs to be carried out outside the App Store. Most important part of such ASO is Link Building. You need to get the links built to your app’s description page, so that it ranks higher in search engine. This is done in the same manner as SEO activities are done to rank your website higher. With tremendous experience in SEO and generating thousands of backlinks, our team is very well qualified to generate backlinks to your App’s Store page. So, with all the above activities, we get the best possible ASO done for your app. Whichever platform your app might be on, you can trust us with your ASO needs as one of the best ASO Agency of Delhi. Our results speak for themselves.

Encourage Ratings and Feedback

A big factor in getting app ranked is Ratings and Feedback. If an app has more positive ratings, then there are higher chances of it ranking higher in Play store search results page. Also, users tend to download those apps that have better ratings and more ratings. There are some clever techniques to encourage users to leave ratings for your app. For example, right after they have some positive experience with the app, they can be prompted to leave a rating for the app. The positive experiences could include repeated visits by a user to your app, completion of purchase process from within the app, spending a lot of time in the app, and so on. We work with your technical team to identify best touch points in your app where the users should be prompted to leave rating for the app. This will help in boosting number of positive ratings and feedback that your app gets, and in turn can lead to better ranking of your app.

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